Camper Curry Plate

RM99.00 MYR
SKU: CH62-1732-Beige/Red
Outdoor curry plate that is lightweight, hard to break, and excellent in portability. It has the same design as Chums' classic camper mug, and features colorful colors and a two-hole handle. It has a moderate height and is convenient for serving main dishes such as steak meat as well as curry, and can be used with high versatility.

Product specifications
・Cold resistant temperature: -10℃
・Heat resistant temperature: 110℃
・BPA free
・Stackable storage
・Two-hole handle for excellent stability
・Outdoor cord convenient for hanging or attaching a carabiner
*Oven ・Cannot be used in the microwave or dishwasher

size details

Approx. 26 X 17cm
Height: 3.7cm

Item details

Material: Polypropylene
Made in Japan