Chums Steel Cooler Box

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Hard cooler box with classic design

12L small hard cooler box. It's made of steel that gets better as you use it, and it's accented with a large brand logo on the front. Small and easy to carry, recommended for day camps and solo camps.

<Product specifications>
・Capacity: approx. 12L
・Weight: approx. 3.5kg
・Lid: lock open
/close・With easy-to-carry handle・With bottle
・Can store 6 cans of 500ml cans, 12 cans of 350ml cans

<Before ordering> ,please confirm! 
Due to the characteristics of the material, the unevenness of the coating and the floating of the surface coating agent will be within the range of specifications. In addition, the product itself may have some scratches during transportation. Thank you for your understanding.

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Material: Outer/Steel