Faltkanister 10L

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Water canister with minimum weight and packing dimensions and 10 liter capacity.

  • Water canister with minimum packing size and weight: Tatonka “Faltkanister 10 l”

    The canister with a volume of 10 liters made of polyethylene can be stored extremely small when folded.

    • Carrying handle
    • Fold-down water canister
    • Screw-top valve for filling and cleaning

    Measurements: 27,5 x 6 cm
    Volume: 10 l
    Weight: 250 g
    Fabric 1: Polyethylene
    • Polyethylene


      Composition 100% Polyethylene

      The thermoplastic polymer is soft, malleable, and safe for food use. Tatonka uses it to make the folding canister.