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SKU: LNBH-DarkMoss

Made from lightweight nylon spandex fabric, it is lightweight and dries quickly, providing great comfort.
The water-repellent finish protects your head from light rain or snow.
The front takes the shape of a typical bucket, but the gently falling pattern on the back has a design that shows a contrasting shape.
The band used a Coolmax band,
A string that can be adjusted in size is reflected.
The brim has a wire so you can create a free style.

1. Fabric: Nylon 88% Polyurethan 12%)
2. Weight: 43 g

* Made in Korea

* Washing method

- Hand washing recommended
- Using a neutral detergent, gently rub the contaminated area or the area you wish to wash.
- After rinsing, please dry in a cool, well-ventilated place.
- Please refrain from using the washing machine as there is a high risk of damage to the wires inside the visor.
- If you want to wash the entire item, please hand wash it by gently rubbing or gently kneading it.