Mountain Pants 2

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SKU: MP2-Black-L
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Features & Spec

The fabric is made of 30 thread count nylon/cotton/span and functions as a quick-drying tool.

The stretch fabric can be worn for hiking as well as climbing.

The pants body consists of a total of six pockets,

There is an additional removable external pocket to store various items according to the purpose.

Compared to the existing mountain pants, the pocket size has been adjusted.

The pockets on the trouser body have been slightly increased in size.

The outer pocket is greatly reduced in size to maximize mobility.

The outer pocket is the right size to store valuables such as cards and money.

Both thighs have ventilation zippers for easy use in temperature regulation.

Both inseam outseams are sturdy double needle sewing, and the crotch pattern enhances activity.

The waist is equipped with elastic bands and webbing, so you can comfortably wear clothes that fit your body without wearing a belt.

By applying a string to the end of the pants, you can adjust the string to suit your style and use.

The outer pocket can be easily detached, and even if there is an external pocket, it will play the role of the existing pocket as much as possible.

It is designed to be able to do it.

* Recommended season : Mid-season ~ Early winter (alone)

Winter (layer within warmth)   

* With the addition of shrink processing, the touch is slightly softer than the previous product.

* Material : Nylon 65% Cotton 32% Spandex 3% 
* Parts     : YKK Zippers, Woojin Plastic  

* 404 g (S size)

Made in Korea 

* How to wash

- Please use a mild detergent to machine wash (cold water). (Please do not use fabric softener)

- Dry in the shade after washing

- Do not use the dryer 

*Slight shrinkage may occur when washing.