NC Stretch Pants

RM549.00 MYR

Features & Spec

The fabric is made of 30 thread count nylon/cotton/span and functions as a quick-drying tool.

 < Key Features >

The same fabric applied to the mountain pants is applied.

The double-pocket structure allows you to use the zippered pocket to store your items more securely.

The waist is fitted with elastic bands and webbing for size adjustment.

The hem can be adjusted by applying a string to the size.

The crotch gusset allows for free activity.

 Fabric : Nylon 65% Cotton 32% Spandex 3%

  1. Zipper: YKK coil zipper
  2. Accessories: Woojin Plastic, YKK Snap
  3. Weight:404.2 g (S size)

  * Made in Korea

* How to wash

- We recommend hand washing using a mild detergent.

- Do not wash in hot water

- Do not use fabric softener

- Do not do light ironing