Pop Full Shelter AI - Black

RM329.00 MYR
SKU: 71809022

Assembly moment! Fully closed design that allows you to change clothes

No troublesome assembly is required, just take it out of the dedicated storage bag and unfold it for instant setup.
A fully closed type pop full shelter that ensures privacy.

The black fabric blocks UV rays, making it perfect for seasons and locations with strong sunlight.
Strong block with 96.5% UV CUT rate and 99.2% light blocking! For 3-4 people.

Instant Setup

Just take it out of the storage bag and unfold it. Anyone can easily set up.

*Please be sure to check in advance that there are no people or objects around the door as it will open vigorously.

Large Doorway

The frontage is wide and easy to enter and exit.

With mesh window and side pocket

There are mesh windows on both sides for good ventilation. With convenient pocket.


Product Specification

Total weight: (approx.) 1.9 kg
Size: (approx.) width 235 x depth 113 x height 90 cm
Storage size: (approx.) diameter 70 x height 4 cm
Composition: main body, pegs, storage bag, accessory bag
Main material:
Frame ] Steel wire
[Fly sheet] Poly taffeta
[Floor sheet] Poly taffeta
[Mesh] Polyester
[Fly sheet] Waterproof, water repellent, UV-CUT

processing It is a product specification that assumes use under the following conditions.
When using in bad weather or uneven terrain, please purchase a product with specifications suitable for the situation.

 *Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
 *Photos may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.