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Let's sleep happily with Snoopy!

A sleeping bag that can be used by children and small adults. Snoopy's hand has a role to prevent cold air from the shoulder.

A feeling of size that can be used from children to small adults

Snoopy's hands protect your shoulders from the cold

Snoopy's hands with Velcro hold the shoulders firmly, preventing wind from entering the sleeping bag and allowing you to sleep warmly.

Easy to wash with a large washing machine

Fully washable in a large washing machine! We realize comfortable, clean sleep anytime.
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You can enjoy it as an interior by hanging it on the wall.

There are two loops on the back of Snoopy's hat. When not used as a sleeping bag, it can be used as a tapestry by hanging it on a wall using a loop.

Silky Moist Cloth is used for the outer material and skin surface material.

The surface of the fabric, which is made of silky polyester fiber, keeps the sleeping bag's skin surface dry at all times. It is lightweight and does not wrinkle or become fuzzy even after washing, and has excellent moisture absorption and diffusion effects.

Dynatube fiber is used for batting

By making the polyester fiber hollow like macaroni, air is stored in the fiber, increasing heat retention and reducing weight. A unique silicone process separates the fibers from each other, creating a light, warm and fluffy padding. It can be infused with solid fibers if you need more stiffness, making it a warm and versatile padding.

Comes with a pillow-shaped storage bag for easy storage

Comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry. When not in use, you can roll it up and put it in a bag and use it as a body pillow.

Product spec


Appropriate temperature: up to 6℃
Gross weight: (approx.) 1.45 kg
Size: (approx.) length 200 x width 75 cm
Hanging part: (approx.) length 140 x width 75 cm
Storage size: (approx.) diameter 20 x length 66 cm
configuration : Main body, storage bag
Main material:
[Surface material] Silky Moist cloth
[Skin material] Silky Moist cloth
[Insulation] Dynatube fiber
・A feeling of size that can be used by everyone from children to small adults
・A body that can be easily stored Pillow-shaped storage bag
with a loop on the back that can be used as a wall hanging

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