Solo Table 3625

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A table for one person that weighs about 375g and is very light. Because it is an assembly type that can be stored compactly, it is useful for mountain climbing and touring where you want to reduce your luggage. The frame is made of stainless steel, and the load capacity is about 10 kg. The top plate is made of aluminum and can be used to hold hot items. A mesh storage bag is included.


Product Specification

Gross weight: (approx.) 375g
Size: (approx.) width 36 x depth 25 x height 10cm
Storage size: (approx.) length 12.5 x width 36 x height 5cm
Load capacity: (approx.) 10kg Composition: main unit, main
storage bag
[Frame] Stainless steel
[Top plate] Aluminum (anodized)
・Thin and light, so it can easily be stored in a bag
・The top plate is made of metal, so hot objects can be placed on it
・Mesh storage bag included