Tradcanvas Rolling F/R Chair - Brick

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Tradcanvas Rolling Bucket Chair

Perfect for bonfires! The swivel seat makes it easy to sit or stand.

A spinning chair made with flame-retardant fabric that does not spread even when sparks fly. As the name suggests, it uses a rotating seat that makes it easy to sit and stand. The frame is made of steel material, so it has a rotating structure and a sense of stability. Since it is an assembly type, it can be stored compactly and is lightweight at about 2.6 kg.
★ 150kg load capacity

Frame structure with rotating seat

The rotating seat surface makes it easy to sit and stand. Steel material is used for the frame, and the seat has a structure that rotates, but has a sense of stability.


Total weight: (approx.) 2.6 kg
Size: (approx.) height 85 x width 59 x depth 60 cm (sitting height 47 cm)
Storage size: (approx.) length 15 x width 40 x height 15 cm
Load capacity: (approx.) 150 kg
Configuration: Main body, storage bag
Main material: Steel, 900D polyester (PU coating)
・Uses extra-thick flame-retardant fabric
・Does not spread even if sparks fly
・Includes storage bag