Tradcanvas Portable Sectional Chair

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A low chair that can be disassembled and carried compactly. The wide size allows you to sit comfortably and spaciously. It stands on its own when it converges, so it is convenient for quick movement and storage. The high-quality canvas-like fabric is also attractive, and it is also reliable with a load capacity of about 150 kg. It is an assembly type that can be disassembled for parts and is very compact for storage.

Product spec

Total weight: (approx.) 3.2 kg
Size: (approx.) height 63 x width 63.5 x depth 56 cm (sitting height 26 cm)
Storage size: (approx.) length 15 x width 56 x height 15 cm
Load capacity: (approx.) 150 kg
Configuration: Main body, storage bag
Main materials: Steel, polyester (PVC coating), wood
Portable storage
Low type design that won't get tired even when sitting for a long time