Tradcanvas Rolling Chair

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Tradcanvas Rolling Bucket Chair

The rotating seat makes it easy to sit or stand.

The rotating seat surface makes it easy to sit and stand. The frame is made of steel and has a load capacity of about 150 kg, so it has a sense of stability even though it has a rotating seat. It weighs approximately 2.8 kg and can be assembled and stored compactly.

Frame structure with rotating seat

The rotating seat surface makes it easy to sit and stand. Steel material is used for the frame, and the seat has a structure that rotates, but has a sense of stability.


Total weight: (approx.) 2.8 kg
Size: (approx.) Height 85 x Width 59 x Depth 60 cm (sitting height 47 cm)
Storage size: (approx.) Length 15 x Width 40 x Height 15 cm
Load capacity: (approx.) 150 kg
Configuration: Main body, storage bag
Main materials: Steel, polyester (PVC coating)
・Rotating seat allows you to stand up without pulling the chair while eating
・The joint on the seat absorbs the load for comfortable sitting
and stability. superior steel frame