40 Years Knit Cap

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[CHUMS 40 YEARS! ] CHUMS classic knit hat with a specially designed woven name to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

<Series characteristics>
In the limited series "CHUMS 40 YEARS!" celebrating the 40th anniversary of the brand's establishment, familiar popular items are customized with limited graphics of a booby bird wearing a retainer designed for this series. Don't miss out on this season's limited edition items that stand out from the rest of the lineup.

<Material characteristics>
Made of acrylic material that is plump and soft to wear. It's just the right thickness, easy to put on, and has a good fit. Its appeal is its versatility, which can be used seasonally.

CHUMS classic knit hat that can be used every day. The woven name placed on the front is a special specification only for this season, depicting a booby bird wearing a retainer, which is the origin of CHUMS, and the mountain range of Zion National Park in Utah, USA, where CHUMS originated. A simple knit hat with a one-point design is easy to incorporate into your coordination and can be used as a plus-one item.

It all started with an inspiration from one river guide.
While working as a river guide, I often dropped my sunglasses in the rough seas, and felt the need for a glasses holder, so the Retainer was born. 40 years have passed since then. Chums continues to give form to the ideas that ``it would be great to have items like this'' in our daily lives.

Size details

Head circumference Free size (58-60cm)

Item details

Material: Acrylic100%
Made in CHINA

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