Booby Foldable Umbrella

RM179.00 MYR
SKU: CH62-1950-Z173-00

A folding umbrella with a pop design that will make you happy even on gloomy rainy days.

A folding umbrella with a pop design that is full of playfulness. The sturdy and wide band allows for smooth opening and closing. Although it is lightweight, it expands to a diameter of 98cm when unfolded, making it comfortable to use.

<Product specifications>
- Total length: 56cm
- Weight: Approx. 213g
- Opening/closing: Manual
- CHUMS logo printed on the storage case

<For use>
When opening the umbrella, do not press the button, but pinch both ends and push up. (*Please note that it will not be fixed when the button is pressed.)
When closing the umbrella, you can close it by pressing the button.

<please note! 〉
* Cleaning up of sewing threads, creases from folding, etc. will not be considered defective. Please note.
*Please do not use it during strong winds as it may be damaged.
*Please be careful of surrounding objects and people when opening.
*Please dry in the shade after use.

Size details

Total length: approx. 56cm, rib: 55cm, diameter: 98cm
Storage size: W 9 XL 26cm

Item details

Material: (Fabric) 190T Polyester100% (Bone) Aluminum
Made in CHINA

*The color of the product in the image may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting and angle. Please note.