Booby Foot Wappen

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SKU: CH62-1479-0000-00

Cute emblem with a footprint motif

This is a patch with a paw print motif of the Chums mascot, Booby Bird. There is a CHUMS logo on the foot print. Enjoy customizing it by pasting it on shirts, bags, accessories, etc. wherever you like.

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6.0 x 5.6cm

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Made in CHINA

---Please note! ---
There is glue on the back and it can be easily attached by pressing it with an iron, but it will gradually peel off when washed. We recommend sewing the edges in several places with invisible thread. When adhering with an iron, be sure to use a press cloth and use a medium-temperature iron at 160°C. When attaching to scientific fibers including nylon and polyester, we recommend using a special adhesive or sewing.