Camper Cooler 18L

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SKU: CH62-1893-R001-00

A resin cooler box that is easy to carry for camping and picnics.

A resin cooler box with a capacity of 18L that combines functionality and design. The CHUMS-like coloring and corrugated reinforced body give it a retro feel. There is a drink holder built into the back of the lid, which can be removed and attached to the edge of the cooler box. Comes with a handle for easy carrying when camping or picnicking.

<Product specifications>
- Capacity: Approx. 18L
- Weight: Approx. 3.4kg
- 500ml plastic bottles: Can store 12 bottles when placed vertically
- 350ml cans: Can store 18 bottles
- Comes with 4 drink holders
- Camper Mag Cup is perfect for the drink holder Fits in size
(compatible with 500ml plastic bottles and 350ml cans)
, comes with a CHUMS original design handle
, and is accented with a large booby logo on the front

(Please check before ordering!) 〉
*Due to the characteristics of the material, air holes on the back of the lid, convex resin adhesive, and uneven color inside are within the specifications.
*There may be slight scratches on the product during transportation.
*Camper Mag Cup is not included.

*The “BOOBY ICE BACK” novelty giveaway at the Chums online shop has ended.

Size details

H 33.5 x W 42.5 x D 31cm

Item details

Material: Outer/Polyethylene

<Please be careful! 〉
*The color of the product in the image may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting and angle. Please note.