Camper Folding Container S

RM209.00 MYR
SKU: CH62-1981-R001-00

[Mini size now available! ] Perfect for storing camping goods and interior decoration! A folding container with a capacity of 14L that allows you to enjoy combining products of different sizes.

A folding container with a capacity of 14L that combines functionality and design. A design with a retro feel, available in 3 colors that are typical of CHUMS. The embossed CHUMS logo is accented on the left and right sides and the back of the bottom. Can be stacked side by side on top of Camper Folding Containers (capacity 45L) of different sizes. By using them in combination, you can create a sense of unity and make your campsite look stylish.

<Product specifications>
- Capacity: 14L
- Weight: Approx. 0.7kg
- Load capacity: Approx. 10kg
- Recommended for storing camping goods and everyday storage
- Stacking two side by side on Camper Folding Container (CH62-1903) Possible
- Can be folded compactly and stacked when not in use
- Embossed CHUMS logo on the sides and back of the bottom
- Accented with the booby face logo on the side