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SKU: CH62-1733-Natural/Yellow2

An outdoor soup cup that is lightweight, hard to break, and has excellent portability. It has the same design as the classic Chums Camper mug, and features colorful colors and a two-hole handle. It is easy to use as a mug or a plate as well as soup, and can be used with high versatility.

Size details

Diameter 9.3 cm x height 6.9 cm

Item details

Material: Polypropylene


・  Contents: 350 ml
・ Cold resistant temperature: -10 ℃
・ Heat resistant temperature: 110 ℃
・ BPA-free
・ Stackable storage
・ Two-hole handle with excellent stability
・ With outdoor cord that is convenient for hanging and attaching a carabiner
* Oven
・Cannot use microwave oven / dishwasher