Camper Stainless Bottle 500

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SKU: CH62-1920-K001-00

The structure of the drinking spout has been revised to make it easier to use, and the vacuum double structure keeps it warm and cold, making it a 500ml size stainless steel bottle that is perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities.

A 500ml size stainless steel bottle that is easy to use for everyday use and outdoors. Double-walled vacuum structure keeps you warm and cold. The structure of the spout has been revised from the conventional product, and a new cap has been added to the spout. It has a good taste and makes it easier to drink drinks with ice.

〈Product specifications〉
・Contents: 500ml
・Stainless steel vacuum double structure keeps you warm/cold・
Heat retention effect: 53℃ or higher (6 hours)
・Cold retention effect: 10℃ or less (6 hours)
・Easy to clean wide mouth Type
: Spout comes with a cap made of resin material
*Please be sure to use the inner lid of the spout as it may cause liquid leakage.
・The cap part has two holes for easy holding
・Comes with an outdoor rope that is convenient for hanging or attaching to a carabiner
・BPA-free that even children can use with confidence <

Size details

Capacity: 500ml

Item details

Material: Body/Stainless Steel (Powder Coating)

- Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher.
- Be sure to close the inner lid of the drinking spout to avoid liquid leakage.
・Wash thoroughly with dish detergent, etc., and rinse thoroughly before use
. ・When washing, please use a sponge and refrain from using cleansers or scrubbers, as this may damage the surface.
・Cover drinks with lids. Please fill in less than the bottom edge of the inside. If you put too much in the drink, it may overflow when you close the lid.
・Do not put dry ice or carbonated drinks in it.
・When you close the cap and carry it with you, wait until it reaches a drinkable temperature (approximately 70 degrees Celsius or below) before putting it in. Please
be sure to check other instruction manuals before use.