Change Filter For Bottle

RM79.00 MYR
The Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is designed to fit the Membrane Solutions Water Filter Bottle.
The filter is made of hollow fibers with a filter pore size of 0.1 microns.
The filter carries out four-stage cleaning: Coarse Filter + PP Cotton+ GAC + UF. Uses advanced ultrafiltration membrane technology that removes up to 99.99999 percent of bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Klebsiella) and reduces turbidity by 99.59630%.

Filtration stages:
• Level 1: Coarse Filter – removal of large particles.
• Level 2: PP Cotton – stops residual particles, reduces water turbidity.
• Level 3: GAC activated carbon – average pore size 5 microns. Reducing chlorine content, volatile organic compounds and unpleasant odors, improving taste.
• Level 4: Hollow Fibers - average pore size 0.1 microns. Removal of bacteria by 99.99999% (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella).

Cleaning and rinsing:
• after use or travel, the filter should be rinsed again with clean water;
• disconnect the filter from the flask lid. Fill the syringe with clean, pre-filtered water;
• Connect the syringe outlet to the filter outlet (i.e. the part of the filter that connects to the cap), press the syringe plunger to force clean filtered water in the opposite direction to backwash the collected deposits from the filter fibers. Pulsating flow increases efficiency;
• repeat 3-5 times;
• Do not wash the device with soap, bleach or other chemicals.

• After backwashing, shake out any remaining water and allow to air dry (do not place in oven or microwave) and then store the filter in a cool, dry place (recommended storage in the refrigerator BUT not in the freezer);
• store at temperatures above 0°C and humidity below 75%. Avoid high temperature and humidity!

The filter should be replaced under the following conditions:
• after filtering 1500 liters of water;
• it becomes more difficult to absorb water through the filter;
• unpleasant odors and tastes are no longer removed.

- To ensure a long service life, use relatively clean and unturbid water.
- Never use Membrane Solutions Water Filter Bottles to filter seawater or water contaminated with chemicals or oils, including water from mine ponds or near large agricultural operations.
- Careless use or use not specified in these instructions may result in damage to the product. Throw away this product if any components are cracked or damaged.
- This product should not be used by children without adult supervision.
- Do not throw the product into contaminated water, as this may clog the filter outlet.
- The Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter is designed to filter fresh water. Measurements of microorganism reduction, device longevity and performance of the Personal Water Filter are performed under standard laboratory conditions. The user assumes all risk when using this Personal Water Filter. Membrane Solutions is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or abuse.
- The effectiveness of Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters may be limited by environmental or hygienic conditions that may allow water to re-contaminate after passing through the product's internal primary filter. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

• touching the mouthpiece of a water bottle with dirty or bacteria-contaminated hands;
• backwashing with contaminated water;
• use with salty or chemically contaminated water;
• overpressure during backwash (<15 psi required);
• use not in accordance with instructions or for other purposes;
• storing the filter or bottle for a long period of time in a warm room in humid conditions;
• excessive heating of the filter or freezing of the filter when wet.

• material: holofiber;
• BPA Free - does not contain bisphenol A;
• filtration type: four-stage;
• pore size: 0.1 nm;
• productivity: 1500 l;
• maximum throughput: 450 ml/min;
• operating temperature range: 0-40°C;
• replacement period: from 3 to 12 months. (depending on the degree of water pollution);
• Compatible with Membrane Solutions Water Filter Bottle (bottle not included).