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A new category CiTee series that can be worn with a light feel regardless of the situation. A grid illustration with a flowerpot and its roots representing circulation. "QUESTS FOR SILENCE" is an artwork with the message "Quest for Silence". Even in a small world like a flowerpot, the cycle of life is quietly occurring.

is an outdoor brand founded in Seattle, USA in 1993. The idea is to use eco-friendly materials such as hemp and recycled fleece to create the best clothing and gear. Descending from the mighty Cascade Mountains, the Manastash Mountain Plateau offers a wild and diverse range of outdoor sports, including skiing, trekking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. Practical, stylish and high quality clothing that represents a lifestyle based on freedom. Mountains, rivers and roads… MANASTASH connects with all those who pursue their passions in the natural environment.

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size Length shoulder width Sleeve Length Width
M. 71CM 52CM 24CM 58CM
L. 74CM 54CM 25CM 61CM
XL 77CM 56CM 26CM 64CM
2XL 80CM 58CM 27CM 67CM
part number 7923134039
country of origin made in china
material (Body) 100% cotton (Rib portion) 100% cotton
washing indication

This product may discolor. Dark colors may fade due to sweat or friction when worn, so please avoid wearing them together with light colored items. Please wash separately. If left wet for a long time, the color will fade, so please reshape and dry immediately after washing. Avoid direct contact with detergent or fabric softener. Dissolve in water and stir (mix) well before use. There is a risk of color fading and discoloration. Avoid using detergents that contain fluorescent agents (fluorescent whitening agents) or bleaching ingredients. Avoid using any drying equipment that uses heat. Due to the nature of the material, there is a risk of fading due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. Even for products that can be washed with water, soaking and washing is strictly prohibited. Soaking it in water makes it easier for the dye to wash away. Wash immediately, rinse thoroughly, dehydrate, reshape and dry in the shade.

Turn it over and put it in the net.

We recommend using a neutral detergent (stylish detergent).

Squeeze it lightly. In the case of centrifugal dehydration, please process it in a short time.

Please avoid tumble drying.

Due to the nature of the material, there is a risk of fading due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

Since this product is printed, cracks, peeling, stickiness, etc. may occur due to use and aging. Store so that the printed parts do not overlap. The print will adhere and cause peeling. please note. When using a bag or backpack, the print may peel off due to friction. please note.

Please avoid ironing the printed part as it may cause peeling. When using an iron, apply a pressing cloth.