Enamel Soup Mug 400ML

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The Rayleigh Enamel series has a retro atmosphere with a gentle white color and a navy original logo design. "Rayleigh" means "camp" in Finnish.
The enamel mug, which has excellent heat resistance and durability, is a 400ml size that is easy to place on a mini table. Since it uses a thick iron plate that is resistant to heat, it can be used for heating drinks or cooking. It is also a feature that it is difficult to smell.
★400ml ★Open fire OK


Product Specification

Total Weight: (approx.) 170g
Size: (approx.) Width 9 x Depth 12 x Height 8cm
Capacity: (approx.) 400ml
Main Material: Steel (enameled)
Performance/Features : Made of enamel that
is resistant to heat.
Direct heating is also possible by

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