First Aid Basic Waterproof

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First aid kit in waterproof roll-up closure including first-aid outdoor set of instructions and checklist.

  • First Aid Basic Waterproof – Waterproof First Aid Kit for day trips

    The First Aid Basic Waterproof from Tatonka is equipped for one person and short tours. In addition to an emergency blanket, disposable gloves, plasters and bandages, the first aid kit includes a checklist and a cheat sheet for first aid during outdoor activities.

    The kit is packaged in a splash proof sleeve with waterproof seams and a waterproof roll closure.

    The Outdoorschule Süd recommends: Only for one-day tours and for one person!

    • Hypalone loop on reverse for vertical or horizontal attachment to your belt
    • Waterproof roll-up closure
    • 2x wound dressings 10 × 6 cm, sterile
    • 1x medium-sized bandage pack, non-adhesive compress
    • 5x plaster strip 7,2 × 2,5 cm
    • 1x Leukoplast® plaster roll 5 m × 1,25 cm
    • 1 pair of vinyl gloves
    • 1x rescue blanket 160 × 210 cm
    • 1x first-aid outdoor set of instructions
    • 1x checklist
    • Waterproof, taped seams

    Measurements: 20 x 12,5 x 5 cm
    Weight: 200 g
    Fabric 1: T-Cover Tex
    Seam type: versiegelt / taped
    • T-Cover Tex


      Composition 100% Polyester

      This very light, waterproof material made out of polyester is pleasantly soft to the touch, and is used mainly for capes, rain covers and stuff bags.