Rosy Awning Dome M Plus-BB Dust Olive

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Perfect for family camping! 2 room tent with spacious vestibule

It is a two-room tent with a long nose design that protrudes the front of the tent and has a spacious living room, and a Yoshizu style that can be used as a shade or blindfold.

Yoshizu style that can be shaded and blinded

Yoshizu style is adopted for the large overhanging front room.
It works as a sunshade or a blindfold and can be opened or closed on both sides depending on the situation.

The inner tent is self-supporting and has ventilation on the top.

The inner tent is a type that allows the sleeve to pass through, and it is a self-supporting type that reduces the burden on the frame. In addition, since it has ventilation, it has good breathability and reduces condensation.


Product Specification

size guide

Total weight: (approx.) 4.6 kg
Storage size: (approx.) Length 15 x Width 53 x Height 15 cm
Water pressure resistance: [Fly sheet] 1,000 mm
Composition: Fly sheet, inner tent, inner frame, ridge frame, rope, storage bag , storage bag for frame, peg, hammer, accessory bag
Main material:
[Frame] Glass fiber
[Fly sheet] Poly taffeta
[Inner tent] Poly taffeta
[Floor sheet] PE laminated cloth
[Mesh] Polyester
[Fly sheet] Waterproof Treatment, water repellent finish, UV-CUT finish, rotating zipper, Yoshizu style available
[Inner tent] Breathable water repellent finish, ventilation, rotating zipper

It is a product specification that assumes use in. When using in bad weather or uneven terrain, please purchase a product with specifications suitable for the situation.

 *Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
 *Photos may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.

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  • water repellent
    water repellent
  • UV-CUT processing
    UV-CUT processing