SAYORI WADA Pop-Up Sunshade 3 - Into Green F

RM449.00 MYR
SKU: CH62-1934-Z285-00

Collaboration product with SAYORI WADA, sunshade with original all-over graphic (for 3 people)

A pop-up sunshade for 3 people designed in collaboration with SAYORI WADA that can be easily set up with one touch. The "Into Green" all-over graphic depicting a person jumping into greenery is included, creating a finish unique to the collaboration. The front panel can be fully closed with Velcro, allowing you to secure a private space. Sunshades that can be easily handled can be used in a wide range of situations, and having one can be useful at parks, picnics, beaches, outdoor events, etc.
With the theme of "OUT AND ABOUT" (=going out and being active), this collection is filled with the desire to simply spend time in nature, especially at times like these. Please enjoy the unique worldview created by the combination of SAYORI WADA's uplifting works and CHUMS' personality.

<Product specifications>
- Capacity: 3 people
- UV protection
- Mesh on one side for ventilation and protection from insects -
6 pegs for fixing the tent included
- Dedicated storage bag included
- CHUMS logo and booby bird print Enter

An illustrator from Tokyo who is based in Switzerland. Characterized by free-spirited and bold lines.
She is appointed by clients not only in Japan but also around the world in fields such as music, fashion, and food and beverages. In recent years, he has expanded his activities by collaborating with Nestlé, major Swiss banks, and restaurants across Europe.