Solar Block Full Para-Shade White Black

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Because it is a Pisces type frame, it is safe even in strong winds! Fully closed type that can be changed.

The full parashade, which uses solar block processed fabric, has a UV-CUT rate of 99.9% or more and a light blocking rate of 100%. The Pisces-shaped frame has excellent wind resistance, and the large opening allows the wind to easily pass through. Fully closed type that can secure private space. It is also lightweight at about 1.7kg.

Uses solar blocks! UV-CUT rate of 99.9% or more, 100% light blocking! Temperature difference of -15°C between sunlight and shade

Astonishing specs are achieved with the fabric that has undergone solar block processing. The white on the front side reflects sunlight and UV rays, while the black on the back side absorbs heat. Over 99.9% UV-CUT rate, 100% light blocking rate! (*1) Temperature difference of -15°C between sun and shade! (*2)
*1 Fabric performance.
*2 These are our test results and may vary depending on usage conditions.
* Due to the characteristics of the fabric, light leakage may occur in rare cases. The performance of the product is not significantly degraded. note that.

Pisces type frame with excellent wind resistance

A Pisces type frame that is also used in tents. It has excellent wind resistance and is safe even in strong winds.


Product Specification

size guide

Total weight: (approx.) 1.7 kg
Size: (approx.) width 180 x depth 125 x height 110 cm
Storage size: (approx.) length 11 x width 57 x height 11 cm
Configuration: body, frame, storage bag, pegs, frame Storage bag, accessory bag
Main material:
[Frame] Glass fiber
[Fly sheet] Poly taffeta
[Floor sheet] Poly taffeta
[Mesh] Polyester
[Fly sheet] Waterproof, water repellent, UV-CUT, solar block (UV-CUT rate of 99.9% or more, shading rate of 100%)
・Uses solar block fabric
・Fully closed type

*The accessory pegs are product specifications that are intended for use in a clear and windless environment.
When using in bad weather or uneven terrain, please purchase a product with specifications suitable for the situation.

 *Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
 *Photos may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.