Tent Lantern

RM65.00 MYR
SKU: 74175150-Blue


Lightweight and simple operation!
Simple operation and lightweight compact lantern that even children can handle is accented with a guy rope string handle.
There are three levels of dimming: strong, medium, and weak.
Not only can it be used in tents, but it can also be used as a living room light, bedside, or disaster prevention item.

Product Specification

Total weight: (approx.) 120g
Body size: (approx.) width 9.5 x depth 9.5 x height 12cm
[LED bulb value] (approx.) 100 lumens
[Logos standard value] (approx.) 130 lumens
Lighting mode: Warm color ( Strong/Medium/Weak)
Regular lighting time: (approx.) Strong/40 hours, Medium/45 hours, Weak/60 hours
Light source: LED
Power supply: AA alkaline batteries x 3pcs (sold separately)
Main material: ABS
- Light, compact and cute lantern
・Gyrope handle accents
・Can be used in 3 ways: hanging, holding, and placing.

* Time notation such as lighting time is a theoretical value. Please consider it a standard.
*The lighting time is the approximate time until the light turns off. Depending on the specifications of the product, some lights turn off suddenly, while others turn off after a gradual decrease in illuminance.