Waffle Maker

RM229.00 MYR
SKU: 81062242

Compact storage with detachable handle

The handle can be removed, making it less bulky and easy to carry.
Since it is a screw type, it is easy to remove.

Easy to clean!

The surface is coated with silicone resin, so food doesn't stick to it and
stains come off easily when washing.
Since the top and bottom can be separated, the joints are easy to wash and maintenance is easy.

Cute maple leaf waffles

You can bake original waffles with Logos' trademark maple leaf pattern.

Enjoy dessert outdoors! Easy waffle pan

An item that allows you to easily bake fluffy waffles outdoors.
You can make it using your favorite ingredients such as chocolate, maple syrup, and matcha.
Accented with LOGOS' original maple leaf branding iron.
The handle is removable, making it easy to carry and compact for storage.


Total weight: (approx.) 690g
Size: (approx.) total length 36 x width 12 x height 3.5cm
Sand pan internal dimensions: (approx.) width 14 x depth 12cm
Storage size: (approx.) length 14 x width 20 x height 4cm
Main Material: Aluminum, steel
- Can make waffles.
・Choose your favorite taste depending on the amount of ingredients
・Compact storage with removable handle