WILDO Fire Flash Pro - Small

RM65.90 MYR
SKU: FFS001-Blueberry

Fire-Flash is a highly effective and reliable fire steel lighter, ensuring you get the ignition you need in all weather conditions. Simply drag the striker firmly against the rod to create sparks. If the Fire-Flash comes in contact with water, just wipe it off and use it as normal. The Fire-Flash is functional, durable and lightweight.


* Durable, over 3000 strike service-life
* Works equally well when wet and at any altitude
* Perfect to light camp fires, gas stoves, gas BBQ, wood-ovens, etc
* Textured non-slip handle for extra grip in wet conditions
* Predictable and reliable performance in all weather conditions
* Bright spark / flash, can be used as an emergency signal
* No Dangerous Goods shipping or airline restrictions,
* Durable nylon lanyard with saw/striker attachment included,

Technical Specifications

* Produces sparks at 2,980C/5400F
* Weight: 30 g/1 oz
* Length: 9 cm/3.5 in